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Below is the compilation of Coheed and Cambria concerts reviews from people who have attended their concerts.

The orbit room was a great venue, small and personal but that just added to the experience. Coheed rocked, the lightshow, the musicianship and the stage presence was incredible.

Favorite moment: Encore, during which they played Welcome Home


Coheed and Cambria put on a great show! Likely one of the best I’ve seen at any smaller venue; the theater was perfect, not a bad seat in the house. Those guys know their craft and give those nice little extra snippets you’ll only hear at a live show.


The set up and the lines moved so smoothly and everything was perfectly on time. I do wish that Polyphia, the opening band played longer than 30 minutes. Other than that, everything was perfect and i love how intimate of a setting the civic is due to it being smaller than most venues.

Favorite moment: When we had the opportunity to see Claudio Sanchez perform an acoustic song for us.
Opening act(s): Polyphia, and Saves The Day. Polyphia should have played longer than 30 minutes.


Every one of Coheed’s shows have been some of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had! Even before I was a real fan. This one was no different. The energy, fellow fans singing along in unison, the intricate detail they put into every show, the undeniable talent of every member of the band…I’ve been to a lot of shows from different artists, and Coheed by far has always put on the absolute best show. Definitely 110% recommend going to a show if you ever can!

Favorite moment: The confetti that came down over the crowd during You’ve Got Spirit, Kid!
Opening act(s): Silver Snakes, Glassjaw


Silver Snakes was alright, enjoyable though. I the Mighty was great! I’ve know of Glassjaw for 15 years but never could understand their music. Coheed and Cambria always puts on an amazing show.

Favorite moment: Coheed and Cambria performs


If you haven’t seen Coheed & Cambria, you must. From beginning to end these guys rock it! No frills, just good rock n roll. The crowd was like hundreds of energizer bunnies just running around, especially those folks in the pit, just when you thought they’d slow down, the next song would fuel them on.

We were lucky enough to make it or the meet and greet. Though only a small amount of time I really got the sense that these were just a bunch of good guys that happen to be excellent musicians.
The Masonic is a great, my first time seeing a show here and I hope so see another one soon.
Opening act(s): Silver Snakes, I the mighty & Glassjaw

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